During cataract surgery the cloudy cataract lens is removed leaving an outer membrane to hold the new IntraOcular Lens (IOL). This thin membrane can become cloudy and require a small central opening to allow you to see clearly again. A YAG Laser Capsulotomy is a simple painless procedure used to open the hazy membrane behind the IOL implant. This haziness or cloudiness develops in approximately one third to one half of patients at some point following cataract surgery.

Patients find that their vision becomes increasingly cloudy or foggy almost as if the cataract was returning. Some patients also report more difficulty with glare. A dilated exam will determine the need for this procedure.

A YAG Laser Capsulotomy takes only minutes to perform. Most patients can drive themselves to and from the surgery center. Because no anesthesia is required patients are not restricted from eating and drinking prior to the procedure. A mild dilating drop and a topical anesthetic are used in the eye prior to the procedure. As the laser is activated a clicking sound can be heard. This is the laser creating tiny openings in the tissue to create a new window in the cloudy capsule.

Unlike cataract surgery you will not need a bandage on your eye and regular activities can be resumed the same day. Most patients report an improvement in their vision within a day of the procedure.